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Our Corporate Guarantee delivers:

A unique Pay Per Cup solution

Coffee Bean Counters Pay Per Cup is a single, upfront agreement that means you only pay for what you drink.

For as little as 66 cents per cup, you can have a delicious latte, rich espresso or frothy cappuccino made for you by one of our state of the art machines. There's no rental, maintenance or restocking fees. And every cup is 100% tax deductible – helping you save even more.

Weekly cleaning, stocking and maintenance is included, free!

When you have one of our coffee machines in your office, you'll also have access to our weekly valet office service – providing product replenishments, maintenance and equipment cleaning, all completely free of charge.

It means less down time to your business, because everything is done for you. And, in the event of a machine break down, we'll provide a replacement loan machine while yours is being repaired.

Premium quality coffee machines

Our state of the art machines have been specially designed to withstand the rigours of Corporate Australia.

They're equipped with all the latest technology to provide you with a great cup of coffee. Plus, we'll upgrade them as the years tick by - which means you're never stuck with a machine that's out of date or out of warranty.

You don't have to outlay any money

Most corporate coffee machines will have you outlay hundreds or thousands of dollars before you've even brewed your first cup.

Not the case with Coffee Bean Counters. We won't charge you anything for set up. And all coffee, tea and chocolate products are included. So you'll only pay per cup you make – starting at as little as 66 cents